We are proud to present you our mist software software package. You will love it undoubtedly. Server Monitoring, client feedback, remote support, desktop announcements and hardware archiving all from one simple solution - MIST! We provide not only clean and powerful software, but also the great support to make our customers happy.

Get that message out there!

Announce a message site wide to your whole organisation! - Emails are not always read, we all know All Staff emails generally get deleted 🙂 - Why not pop up the message you want on your users displays. Great for Fire Alarms,

Form builder & Workflow

Drag & Drop forms together with multiple input types, Numbers, Email, Website, Description Fields, Date & Time plus many more! Then add work flowing to your works! Get rid of paper based forms with ease!

Staff satisfaction with results!

We find in Private and Public sectors it can be difficult to get effective Staff Satisfaction Survey results. With mist.Feeback you can set quick fire multiple choice questions to mandatory!

Awesome Server Monitoring

mist.Monitor offers affordable, powerful and visual Server Monitoring for your organisation. Basic packages start with 50 node monitors with one simple to roll out tool across your organisation.

Remote support tools for your IT Support department

This tool will enable your IT Support team to offer remote support throughout your whole organisation, even remote sites (Site to site VPN required)

Unlimited support for you

Are you looking for a stable and quick support? Are you dreaming of truly professional and pleasant help? Choose our great support team and you will have no regrets.

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*Quotes are provided on an individual basis to provide the best pricing options available for your orgonisation. For rough estimates please view each product page above. 


For the most amazing tools we must provide you the greatest management backend!

EPIC Dashboard

Yes that right, we said EPIC! - We offer a very simple, clean and intuitive dashboard for monitoring all of your MIST services. That's a one stop shop for all of your Questions & Feedback, Remote Support, Server Monitoring and more..

Like a Jigsaw!

MIST Modules all slot together in perfect harmony, don'y pay for what you don't need.

Compatible with everything!

Now thats a claim right? - mist.Technology software is compatible with Mac OSX, Windows & Linux! - And our dashboard is compatible even with, wait for it... Internet Explorer!

What was consumed to meet our product launch!

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Programming Languages used
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Broken Keyboards
Even a Mac one! ^_^

Our Existence!

and how we got here! - have a look through, its only a short tour.

New Members of Our Team

  • Steve Church
    Steve Church
    Steve Church
    Developer, UX Design, Co-Founder

    With 10 years of experience developing software and website's, Steve adds the creative flare which brings you the MIST packages. A world explorer and adventurous extreme sports adrenaline junkie.


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Project Go!
we have launch!
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Development Begins
.. the hard bit!
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Energy Levels
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Near we get!

After many many hours of development and testing the project nears its end! - Many hurdles were jumped and over 8 programming languages used and tested to obtain the final result required with our MIST packages! We are now proud to announce the launch of MIST - Remote, Feedback, Archive & Monitor ready for launch this Spring!
MIST - Servers Dashboard MIST - Account

Near we get!

Yes thats right! We are so so close to launch, currently looking for companies to trial our software packages and offer Beta feedback! We have been successfully running MIST Monitor at a local college for some months with great success! Check us our on Capterra!

Lets have a chat

We wont bite! Looking for Remote Support, Client & Student Feedback and Server Monitoring? - Then we can help.